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You can easily create one at https: Providing a Number 1 Service. The fourth topic discussed in Poker Today Issue 7 is the absolutely incredible combination of web tools internetguy has created for the spl. There is so much value on this platform it is absolutely ridiculous.

The CHP token will provide increased value for all holders. Have you enjoyed playing online poker?

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Run by chiefmappster and nicnasthe post payouts of Poker Today go to achieving these three main goals. Be aware that you need an ERC token compatible Ethereum wallet.

Check out more detailed analysis and coverage of the event here: Topics discussed in this issue of Poker Today are: You better get on this bigpchef is killin the interview game right now o weeeee. You can currently trade CHP at the following exchanges: He took down lebekons heads-up winning 25 SBD for his efforts.

Check out the team logos and members and more information about the Team League competition here: Thanks again internetguy for all the time, attention, and resources you put into building this Steem Poker community.

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You can currently trade CHP at the following exchanges:. The ideas keep flowing from you two. CoinPoker ensures the highest levels of anonymity and avoids collecting redundant personal information. One day us as a poker community will give back because you two have created so much real, positive change its absolutely inspirational to see.

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The goal of the WSOS is to reinforce all the community spirit and bonds created by the Steem poker community in an offline atmosphere. All post proceeds go to streamlining current spl operations, increasing awareness of the poker community to the whole platform and others, and support ongoing community activities. This concludes Issue 7 of Poker Today.

CoinPoker has one of the fastest, most responsive poker software available today. Check the latest interview fresh out here: The spl is the premiere Steem Poker league that was founded by tuck-fheman and bigpchef and has paid out over SBD out to date to Steemians apart of the Steem Poker community.

This Poker Today marks the seventh issue of the Poker Today content series. You can use your tokens to play or to hold as an investment to generate profit.

Learn about Ethereum at https: This is a truly unique product that has no alternatives on the market. I play them every day.

Blockchain technology has a lot to offer to poker players as well as cryptoinvestors. Seven teams are now competing for a winner take all prize pool of 84 SBD.

What ideas do you have for a real-life poker tournament made up of Poker Steemians? Thanks again tuckf-theman and bigbchef.

After watching Rounders eight 8 times before the tournament, bigpchef did his best Matt Damon impression and beat guyfawkes for the victory and 25 SBD. What People are Saying. Thirty 30 Steemians battled out a grueling Pro League competition.

CHP is a new cryptocurrency that allows you to raise your online poker experience to a whole new level. It also allows for another avenue to highlight key matches such as 1 rated Lucksacks player versus the 2 rated Lucksacks player.

Join CoinPoker today to get the juiciest action at any stakes.

This helps the leaders of the spl create the posts debriefing this information in a more effective and efficient manner. Check out more coverage of the event with a write-up by tuck-fheman here: Sign-up for this upcoming weekly Thursday Steem Poker Tourney at http: The Pro League is currently filled up with fifty 50 players so if you would like to join let someone in the Poker Discord channel know.

Seen the cryptocurrency market explode? Thirty 30 Steemians took part in this epic poker tourney hosted by the spl.

Make sure to follow spltuck-fhemanbigpchefchiefmappsterand nicnas for information from some of the leaders of the Steem poker community. Stay tuned for Issue 8 in a few days.

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CoinPoker is the brand-new gaming software that combines two of the most lucrative markets online. A brand-new blockchain RNG technology will allow for everyone to check that the cards they are dealt at CoinPoker are truly random.

Poker Today was created to streamline current Steem Poker operations, increase awareness of Steem Poker on this platform and others, and raise support for ongoing community activities.

Comment and let us know.

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